An investment policy questionnaire is the questionnaire form that is intended to be filled either by individuals or business organizations so as to analyse the current income, future investment and financial constraints, etc so that an investment policy that is suitable for the client can be proposed.

Sample Investment Policy Questionnaire:

Name of the prospective policy holder: _______________________

Full Address: _________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________

Date of Birth: ______________ Age: ________ Email id: ________________

Q1: What is your current gross income?


Q2: Did you invest in any of the investment avenues like fixed deposit, mutual funds and equities, government bonds, etc?

a)   Yes

b)   No

If ‘Yes’, please mention __________________________________

Q3: Please mention your income from these investment avenues.


Q4: Are you currently covered under any investment policy?

a)   Yes

b)   No

If ‘Yes’, please mention _________________________________

Q5: How do you rate yourself in terms of risk aversion?

a)   High risk aversion

b)   Medium risk aversion

c)   Low risk aversion

d)   Can’t say

Q6: What is the percentage of income that you can currently invest?


Q7: Which of the following is applicable to you?

a)   You intend to invest with short term perspective

b)   You intend to invest with a longer term perspective

c)   Don’t know

Q7: What are your financial goals?

a)   Income generation

b)   Capital appreciation and income generation

c)   Capital preservation

d)   Other _____________________________

Q9: What are your financial constraints in the short term (1-5 years)?


Q10. What are your financial considerations in the long term (>5 years)?


Q11. Would you like to cite any more considerations? If yes, please mention below.