An investment pattern questionnaire helps to understand the pattern of savings and investment done by individuals and business organizations and their considerations regarding income generation and returns, reasons for savings, etc.

Sample Investment Pattern Questionnaire:

First Name: _______________________ Last Name: ________________________________

Full Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________

Email id: _____________________________

Q1: Which of the following age groups is applicable to you?

a) Below 25

b) 25 to 35

c) 35 to 50

d) Above 50

Q2: Please tick the option that rightly signifies your kind of job

a) Own business

b) Government service

c) Private employee

d) Others, please mention _______________________________________

Q3: In which of the following ranges does your income lie?

a) Below $5000

b) $5000 – $20000

c) $20000 – $45000

d) More than $45000

Q4: What percentage of your salary have you currently invested?

a) < 10%

b) 10% – 25%

c) 25% – 50%

d) More than 50%

Q5: Please tick your current investments

a) PPF

b) Government Bonds

c) Fixed Deposits

d) Property and Real Estate

e) Gold

f) Mutual funds

g) Equities

h) Insurance

i) Others, please mention _________________________________

Q6: Which of the following future events do you want to save for?

a) Property

b) Retirement

c) Child planning

d) Education

e) Tax planning

Q7. Which, according to you, is the most important goal in investment making?

a) Maintaining liquidity

b) Increasing wealth

c) Saving tax

d) Others, please mention _________________________________

Q8. Are you currently paying EMI for any loan taken?

a) Yes

b) No

If ‘yes’, please mention the loan that you have taken _____________________________