Inventory Management can be defined as a process of specifying the size and placement of stocked goods which can be useful while ordering, shipping, handling and other related activities. The primary objective of Inventory management is to facilitate uninterrupted production, sales at the lowest possible cost. Every company needs to prepare its Inventory management questionnaire. The questionnaire should consist of easy to understand and clearly defined questions.  Following is the Sample Inventory management Questionnaire.

Sample Inventory management Questionnaire:

Q.1)  Name of the Company: __________________

Q.2) Date: ___________________

Q.3) what are the Inventory Items your company have?

Q.4) Describe the method which your company uses to categorize the items?

Q.5)  Basic Information about the Items:

(a) What is the Serial number for the items?

(b) What is the Item category?

(c) What is the unit of measurement used?

(d)  What is the receiving location of the items?

(e)  Describe in detail, the purchasing information If Any?

(f)  Inspection required flag?

(g) Any other Information?

Q.6) what are the normal classification methods your company uses to classify the Inventory?

Q.7) how does your company group the items?

(a) By Region

(b) Local

(c) Imports

Q.8)  how do you keep the track of cost information on the items?

Q.9)  what is the storage location for your Items?

Q.10) Does your items come with an expiry date?

Q.11) Explain the process of distribution of goods from the inventory?

Q.12)  what are the methods of costing used for the inventories?

Q.13) what are the valuation methods you use for inventory management?

Q.13) Do you use a computerized inventory system?