An interview survey questionnaire is a document containing a set of questions that help in conducting a survey in regards to an interview. The questionnaire is usually filled by the candidate appearing for the interview after his interview is over.

The questionnaire benefits recruitment companies in order to improve their pattern of interview. The questions asked in the questionnaire are based on various aspects of the interview.

Sample Interview Survey Questionnaire

Name: ____________________

Contact Address: _____________________________________

City: ___________, State: ___________, PIN: _____________

Working Phone Number: ___________

Email Address: ______

Date of appearing for the interview: ______________

Position applied for: _____________

1. Do you feel that the premise in which the interview took place was appropriate?

a) No, it was in a remote location

b) The location was appropriate

c) The premise was average

d) The premise was not appropriate at all

2. Who took your interview?


3. Was he very comforting as an interviewer?

a) Yes, he was comforting

b) He was, sort of

c) No, he made me nervous

4. Were you given enough opportunity to ask your queries to the interviewer?

a) Yes, I was

b) I was, but not for all my queries

c) No, I was not at all

5. Was the interviewer successful in answering to all your queries?

a) Yes, he was

b) He did answer some of them

c) No, he did not answer any of my queries

6. Do you feel that the questions asked were relevant to the job position you applied for?

a) Yes, they were relevant

b) Some of them were relevant

c) No, they were not relevant at all

7. How would you rate your overall experience of the interview?

a) Very good

b) Good

c) Average

d) Bad

8. Would you like to suggest something to make the interview process better?