Interview questionnaires are designed for oral administration. The interviewer usually asks the questions via telephone interview or on a face-to-face session. Usually, such questionnaires are open-ended, allowing the respondent to justify his or her answer.  When recruiting, such questionnaires are important since every interviewee is asked similar questions. As such, it is important that the questions are unambiguous in order to mean the same thing to all job applicants. Unlike the self-administered questionnaire, the interviewer must be able to code the answers provided by the interviewee in the interview questionnaire. Most times, this calls for special training of the interviewer.


This questionnaire is intended to gauge the level of initiative among employees

Name: _________________________ Employee Number: __________________

Dept: _____________________________

Date: ______________________________

Date of employment: ________________________

Q1.  How can you define your work?

Q2. What hardship and challenges do you face in the line of your work?

Q3. Over the time you have worked here, what are some of the ways you engage in for purposes of ma king your job more fun and more rewarding?

Q4. What is the most distinct thing about you in the work place?

Q5.  Are there some duties you took up, yet they are not included in your job description

Q6. Have you ever reported a problem at work that was unobvious to your boss?

Q7. Have you ever acted irresponsibly in your previous jobs?

How did you remedy the situation?

Did you learn anything from that?

Q8. How do you gauge your contribution to your employer?

Q9. Briefly describe your efforts in some of the successful projects carried out by your employer