An interview questionnaire template is a prepared format which can be executed by an organization directly. With the help of this questionnaire form, a company can easily evaluate the capabilities of candidates and can hire the efficient contenders effortlessly.

Sample Interview Questionnaire Template:

Name: _______________ [a participant candidate’s name]

Age: _______________ [age of the participant]

Job Position: ________ [designation for which the contender has applied]

  1. Tell about yourself?

______________________________ [a candidate has to tell about the personal and professional experience to the interviewer]

  1. Why did you resign from your previous job?
  • Inadequate pay
  • Dissatisfactory growth
  • Limited career building opportunities
  • Poor working environment
  • Others, _______________ [a candidate is asked to pick an option in order to clear the reason of previous organization resignation]
    • Yes. Absolutely
    • Not sure  [from this question, the interviewer will start judging about the confidence and attitude of the candidate]
  • A leading brand name
  • Established organization in the market
  • Loved by the people
  • A strongest competitor to others   [this question states the thinking of the candidate about the interview organization]
  • Yes. I am pretty sure
  • Not sure
  • Can’t say [the interviewer will mark the self confidence of the candidate from this question]
  1. Do you consider that you are the right candidate for the offered job position?
  1. What do you think about our company?
  1. Do you think your chances of selection are bright?
  1. Would you like to mention more about yourself?

________________________ [a candidate can explain the stronger points of his personality and professionalism]