The main purpose of interview questionnaire questions is to help interviewers judge the capabilities of a candidate. The questions have been designed to get the relevant response from the candidates and will help HR professionals or recruitment agencies to zero down on the right candidate.

Sample Interview Questionnaire Questions:

Name: ____________________________


Gender: _____________________

Age: ___________________


Q1. Who is your current employer and why do you want to leave the current company?


Q2. Which of the following skills or levels of expertise do you possess?

  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Good knowledge of computers
  • Good team skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Problem resolution skills

Q3. If a member of your team is not performing and as a result your team misses the monthly targets, what would be you next step?

  • Remove the member from your team
  • Put the member on bench for sometime
  • Send the team member into training
  • Counsel the team member
  • Motivate the member towards better performance next time
  • Issue a warning of non-performance

Q4. What is the one thing about your current job responsibility that you like the most?


Q5. Can you provide an experience where you had to face a difficult problem and you solved it in time for client delivery?


Q6. Which of the following activities come naturally to you?

  • Taking initiatives
  • Performing consistently
  • Handling multiple job responsibilities
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Setting a trend

Q7. Have you received performance rewards in your current organization? If yes then please mention why and when.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Performance reward: _____________________________
  • Target: _______________________________________