Just as question formulation for a questionnaire is important, so does the questionnaire format. In an interview questionnaire especially, the format should be easy to follow. This means that the person formulating the questionnaire needs to use standard questions in all the questionnaires. In addition, follow-up questions should be included in the questionnaire in order to validate some of the answers given by the interviewee.  In most such questionnaires, open-ended questions are common since they allow the interviewer to get more information from the interviewee.  Other questions included in such questionnaires include general question and questions related to the specific job.

Below is a questionnaire in a form format:

Name of the applicant________________________________
Date of the interview________________________________
Ref. no________________________________
Q1. Please state the department where your skills would best fit in this organization* Human resources

*Customer care

* Sales and Marketing

* Public Relations

Q2. State some of your previous working experiences which you consider relevant to our organization_________________________________



Q4. Why did your leave your previous job?* I was fired

* I resigned

* My contract expired

* Other (specify)___________

Q5. I can work well in a group (Please select one)*Yes

* Sometimes

* When necessary

Q6. My communication skills are:* Excellent

* Good enough

* Poor

Q7. My leadership skills are excellent. This statement is :* True

* Partially true

* Not true

Q8. My motivation at work comes from* Other people

* My surroundings

* Within

Q9. What do you admire most in this organization?* Your corporate culture

* The relationship between management and employees

* Other (specify)___________

Q10. How long would you take on the job before starting to enforce changes?* A maximum of one month

* I would not change anything

* Enough time to study the job environment and decide whether changes are needed