An internship interview questionnaire is a document containing a set of questions in order to assess an individual appearing for the job position of an intern. It helps the interviewee to highlight the suitability of the internship and also to understand whether the internship job is suitable for them.

The questionnaire is prepared by the recruiting company and benefits them as they are able to choose the right candidate for the job. The questions asked in the questionnaire are related to the qualifications and skill sets of the candidate.

Sample Internship Interview Questionnaire

Name: ____________________

Date of Birth: ____/____/____

Sex: _____________________

Contact Address: _____________________________________

City: ___________, State: ___________, PIN: _____________

Working Phone Number: ______________________________

Email Address: ______________________________________

1. What is your educational qualification?


2. Do you have any kind of work experience?

a) Yes, I do

b) I do have sort of

c) No, I do not have

3. Why did you choose to do an internship?

a) Because I want to learn while working

b) Because that is the only job position suitable for me

c) If any other reason, then please specify?

4. Why did you choose our organization?


5. What are your expectations from this internship job?


6. What is your career ambition?


7. What are the reasons for hiring you?


8. What is the salary amount you expect from this job?

a) Less than thousand dollars per month

b) More than thousand dollars per month

c) Less than five thousand dollars per month

9. What do you know about this particular industry and are you aware about the changing trends in the industry?


10. What are the skills and abilities possessed by you that will help you succeed in this internship job?


11. How good are you as a learner?

a) Fast learner

b) Average learner

c) Slow learner