An internet usage survey questionnaire contains information regarding the daily, weekly and monthly usage by those browsing the internet. This type of information is used by internet marketing companies, internet advertisers, and online businesses to promote their products or services. An internet usage survey questionnaire also helps online businesses to strategize their internet marketing strategies based on the results.

Internet Usage Survey Questionnaire Sample

Name of the individual: ________________________________

Age: ______ Sex: _______  Occupation: ______________________

Email: _________________________ Blog: _____________________

Website: __________________________________________________

Type of internet connection: __________________________________

Q1. On an average how often do you browse over the internet?

a)   Less than 5 times a day

b)   Less than 10 times a day

c)   More than 10 times a day

d)   Once a week

e)   A few times a week

f)    Once a month

g)   A few times a month

Q2. On an average how many hours in a week do you browse over the internet?

a)   Less than 10 hours

b)   10 – 20 hours

c)   20 – 60 hours

d)   More than 60 hours

Q3. What type of internet plan do you use?

a)   Hourly plan

b)   Daily plan

c)   Monthly plan

d)   Unlimited download plan

e)   Limited download plan

Q4. What do you primarily search for over the internet?

a)   Educational information

b)   Shopping

c)   Entertainment

d)   Social community

e)   Blogs

f)    Forum postings

g)   Work or business

h)   Emails

i)     General information

j)    Others

Q5. Which of the following internet technologies do you use the most for communication?

a)   Email

b)   Chat

c)   VoIP

d)   Streaming audio and video

e)   Video conference

f)    Forums

g)   Blogs

h)   Social media platforms

i)     Other technology

Q6. In general, how do you feel about internet advertising?

a)   Like

b)   Dislike

c)   It is okay

d)   Don’t like pop-ups

e)   Like banner ads more

Q7. How often do you use the internet to search for information?

a)   Always

b)   Most often

c)   Sometimes

d)   According to need

e)   Never