In simple terms term, “Internet Marketing” refers to marketing, promoting and selling your products online. In this today’s world of advanced technology, “Internet Marketing” is one of the effective medium used for marketing. The purpose of Internet Marketing questionnaires is to obtain suggestions, feedbacks and opinions from all the online users. Given below is the sample Internet marketing questionnaire:

Sample Internet marketing questionnaire

Q.1) Name of the Company: _______________

Q.2) Company’s web-site ____________

Q.3) Your Name: __________

Q.4) Address: _________________

Q.5) Contact Number: ____________________

Q.6) Email ID: ______________________

Q.7) Web-Site (If Any)

Q.7) what are the different types of websites you surf often?

Q.8) how often you make use of the Search Engine?

a. Every time I surf the net

b. When I need any specific Information

c. I am not aware about this term

Q.9)  How often you surf the Internet?

(A) Regularly

(B)  May be once a week

(C) Once a month

Q.10) What type of Information you get about our product Online?

Q.11)  is the above information good enough to pursue you to buy the product?

Q.12) List the name of various web-sites which made you aware about the product?

Q.13) what was the source of medium other than Internet that made you aware about the product?

a) News-Papers

b) Television

c) Banners

d) Others

Q.14) what is your scope of knowledge about the term “Search Engine Optimization”?

(a) I don’t know the term

(b) I have the basic knowledge

(c) I am proficient in SEO

Q.15) What according to you is the most important thing in internet marketing?