An internal brand assessment questionnaire is part of the internal brand building exercise within the company. This questionnaire helps to arrive at the opinion of the management members working in a company. This is essential for assessment of areas for further improvement that the staff feels will bring in a major impact to the company. Also the strengths of the brand of the company are arrived at easily which help better brand strategies.

Sample Internal Brand Assessment Questionnaire

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Designation of the employee:

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1.  Have you ever felt the need for increase in the advertising activities undertaken by our company?

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      Not sure

2.  What is the most ideal indicator of the brand of our company in the market?


3.  What are strategies that management should adopt to ensure that the brand name for the products manufactured by our company is sustainable over a period of time?




4.  Which of the following do you think is a major factor in brand prevalence for a company?

a)      Loyalty of customers

b)      Satisfaction of customers

c)      Better recognition than competitors

d)      Higher sales in the market

5.  What is the significance of our brand in your professional life?


6.  Do you think that our brand is the market leader in the given segment right now? If not then suggest a few things that will help the company achieve market leadership?


7.  Do you buy the products of our company brand for your personal use?


8.  What do you think about the assurance given by the company in offering quality products to the customers? Specify by providing your opinion according to the parameters given below?

a)      Agree

b)     Somewhat agree

c)     Do not agree

d)     Not sure