Internal Audit Risk Assessment questionnaire is one that provides an effective medium for collecting the relevant information about the risk assessment practices and internal audit planning. This category of questionnaires are helpful in evaluating the internal audit assessment data and also helps in comparing between the internal audit and risk assessment practices used in any organisation.

This questionnaire offers the relevant information on the specific practices which are used for cutting down the risk for any organisation by doing the regular internal audits. To understand this questionnaire format in a better way you can have a look at the given below Internal Audit Risk Assessment questionnaire:

Sample Internal Audit Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Company Name ________________________________

Industry _______________________________________

Number of employees’ ______________________________

Company position _________________________________

Q1) How would you grade the risk assessment practices used in your organisation?

a. Bad

b. Average

c. Good

d. Excellent

Q2) What do you think about the current practices, procedures and existing policies of your organisation which are designed for cutting down all the risk so that the organisation can work efficiently?

a. Excellent

b. Good

c. Average

d. Poor

Q3) Are you satisfied about the internal audit which takes place in your organisation?

a. Yes very much satisfied

b. Somewhat

c. Not much

d. No not at all satisfied

Q4) How often would you like these internal audits to take place?

a) Once in a year

b) Once in 6 months

c) Once in 3 months

d) Monthly

Q5) What indicators do you find about the fraudulent practices in your organisation?



Q6) What do you have to say about the compliance practices used in your organisation?

a. Unsatisfactory

b. Average

c. Good

d. Excellent

Q7) What percentage of your recommendations about the audits are followed by the management of your organisation?

a. 75%-100%

b. 50%-75%

c. 25%-50%

d. 0%-25%

Q8) According to you what may make risk based audit planning a difficult task?