An internal audit interview questionnaire is a document containing a set of questions required to be answered by an individual appearing for the job position of an internal auditor. The questions help to evaluate the ability of the candidate to work as an auditor.

The questions also help in understanding the knowledge of the candidate in the field of auditing. The organization recruiting the internal auditor is benefited by this questionnaire.

Sample Internal Audit Interview Questionnaire

Name: _____________

Date of birth: ____________

Residential address: ____________________________

Residential contact number: __________

Cell phone number: _____________

E mail id: __________

1. How many years of work experience do you have as an internal auditor?

a) Less than one year

b) More than one year

c) More than three years

d) More than five years

2. Which was the last company with which you were working and what were your job functions?


3. According to you what is the importance of an internal auditor in an organization?


4. What are the differences between an internal auditor and an external auditor?


5. Is it always necessary to audit all the financial details of a business?

a) Yes, always necessary

b) It is sometimes necessary

6. How would you define an audit process?


7. What are the objectives of auditing?


8. Are you aware about the various functions of internal auditing?

a) Yes, I am

b) No, I am not

9. If yes, what are the various functions of internal auditing?


10. What is the role of statutory audit in the auditing process?


11. What are the various disadvantages of statutory audit?


12. What steps would you take if you find any error in the financial documents of the organization while auditing?


13. List the advantages and disadvantages of internal audit