Interior design questionnaire is an arrangement of questions which are intended to analyze people’s preferences when it comes to decorating their own house. Interior design questionnaire are used by interior decorators to interview their clients, asses their choices, resolve ambiguities if any, and also advice them on the budget.  Interior design questionnaires are handy tools to start designer client interaction.

Interior Design Questionnaire Sample

Name:               __________________________________________________________________

Address:        __________________________________________________________________

Phone:               _______________________          Email:               ________________________

  1. Are you staying alone? If not list down your family members, roommates:


  1. Have you ever worked with an interior designer before? If yes then please tell about your experience.


  1. You are hiring our services because:
    1. You are moving to a new house
    2. You want to change the current set up of your house.
  2. What is the total area of your apartment/ house? Give a brief description of rooms.


  1. Which of the following items do you posses in your house or likely to purchase in near future?
    1. Television set / Home Theatre / DVD rack /
    2. Refrigerator
    3. Treadmill / exercise machines
  1. What is your preference in furniture?
    1. Bulky wooden no need to move
    2. Light and easy to move
    3. Combination of both
  1. What are your favorite colors for the following?
    1. Walls        ______________________________________________________
    2. Furniture    ______________________________________________________
    3. Curtains     ______________________________________________________
    4. Cushions, pillows and bed sheets. ____________________________________
  1. How would you describe your taste?
    1. Contemporary
    2. Traditional
    3. A mix of the two
    4. Minimal
    5. Conservative
    6. Not sure
  2. Do you have pets?
    1. No
    2. Dogs
    3. Cats
    4. Parrot / Bird
    5. Gold fish