Insurance customer satisfaction questionnaire is one that is used by an insurance firm to assess the level of satisfaction of its customers. By letting the customer rate the services and schemes offered, the company can investigate into the key issues that need consideration. These questionnaires not only assist in improving the services offered but also provide suitable ideas for launching new schemes. This aids the company with the knowledge of the in-demand requirements of the customers. And hence, offers the company with the criteria to work upon and grow in its sector. Have a look on a sample Insurance customer satisfaction questionnaire to get a better idea about the same.

Sample Insurance Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name  ____________________________________

Address ___________________________________

Mobile number _____________________________

Email address_______________________________

Q1) How will you rate the accessibility of the insurance services of our company through various mediums such as calling process, logging in through website, meeting in-person with executive, etc?

a. Hard to access the required service

b. Requires little efforts

c. Easily available

d. Quickly available

Q2) Give your opinion about the level of flexibility of availability shown by our employees in dealing with your issues and queries? (Both on phone and in person)

a. Never available, when needed

b. No pains, no gains

c. Ready to help

d. Available in a flick of second

Q3) What do you think about the quality of the services provided by us on the basis of legality, proficiency, originality and usefulness?

a. Non reliable

b. Tolerable

c. Desirable

d. Extraordinary Suitable

Q4) Please provide us the areas that you think need consideration for the betterment of our services?


Q5) Are you able to understand the plans and schemes explained by them? Are they efficient enough in resolving your queries?

a. Never

b. Rarely

c. Most of the times

d. Always

Q6) What according to you will be a valuable piece of advice for us so that we can serve you better?