An inspirational leadership questionnaire is one wherein respondents are asked multiple questions about inspirational leadership and views about inspiring leadership examples are gathered for research and evaluation. Any questionnaire of this form consists of objective and subjective questions mixed together and the respondents are expected to answer all the questions either in a verbal way or a written manner.

These questionnaires are quite useful for certain survey conducting organizations. If you are looking for a sample of any such inspirational leadership questionnaire, then the following given sample shall prove to be really useful.

Sample Inspirational Leadership Questionnaire:

Name of respondent:

Age of respondent:

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Current working status:

Kindly answer all the questions which are given below. Please use the spaces provided only.

Q1. How would you describe an inspirational leader?

a)      One who has a strong personality and leads by example

b)      One who gives team members a chance to perform with freedom

c)      One who takes charge and does all the work by himself

d)     I have another definition(we would love to know your definition)

Q2. Do you think that it is important for any leader to inspire others?

a)      Yes, it is very important

b)      Yes, it is kind of important

c)      It is not really important

d)     It is not at all important

Q3. If you have an inspirational leader, then would you perform or act in a different way?

a)      Yes, my performance would improve

b)      Yes

c)      My performance would not change

d)     My performance level will decrease

Q4. Please tell us how an ordinary leader can become an inspirational leader, according to you?

a)      My motivating others

b)      By setting an example

c)      By good oratory skills

d)     Other(please specify)