A Human Resource Management Questionnaire is a set of questions regarding the management of the human resource department of an organisation. It has information regarding the number of employees involved and the structure and functioning of the human resource department.

Sample Human Resource Management Questionnaire

Name____________________________ Address________________________

Name of organisation ______________________

Sector __________________

Address of organisation ___________________ city __________________

Email id of employee _____________________________

Contact number ______________________________________

Q1. State the number of employees in your organisation _______________________

Q2. How many employees are in the HR department _______________________?

Q3. What sort of structure does your HR department have? __________________________________________

Q4. What are the responsibilities and scope involved? _____________________________________________________________________

Q5. How is the HR department involved in the business strategy of your firm?


Q6. What are the main tools of handling the main Human resource challenges?

  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Tools
  • Any other

Q7. How well is the annual payroll utilised to train employees?


Q8. Which of the following factors are most important for an effective HR department?

  • Planned Management
  • Management of Talent and Competency
  • Re constructing the Human Resources
  • Mention the other relevant ones.

Q9. Has your Human resource department been updated to areas of expertise, mutual facilities and company associates? If yes, How ?


Q10. When were the human resources strategies of your firm last updated according to its employees needs?

Q11. If given a choice, what changes would you like to see in the HR department of your organisation so as to make it more effective and manageable?