The HR survey questionnaire is used collect information about an organizations human resource in order to gauge the organization’s strong areas as well as its weakness in terms of personnel effectiveness. The HR survey questionnaire is usually designed in a manner such that it touches on creation, administrations, deployment, as well as analysis of various human resource surveys. The questionnaire’s details can be styled to measure multiple scales of an organization including timeliness, responsiveness, clarity and expertise. The HR survey questionnaire can also be used to assess numerous other scales such as an organization’s effectiveness and frequency of performance. Below is a sample.

1. Choose from the options below the phrase that best describes this company with regard to communication

  • Does an effective job in communicating information related to changes that may have an impact on employees_______________
  • Fairly communicates information pertinent to employees’ welfare___________
  • Seldom communicates matters pertaining to employees ____________

2. What is your view about corporate culture as well as values in the organization?

  • The company has very clear values and corporate culture ____________
  • The company has fair values and corporate culture ____________
  • The company has poor values and corporate culture ___________

3. Comment on the organization’ performance as regards utilization of your skills and abilities_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Does the company offer adequate technology to meet your needs as well as those of its customers? ________________________________________

5. What in your opinion needs to be done in order to improve technology as mentioned in (4) above? _______________________________________________________________




HR Survey