In any organization, the human resources department focuses on the intangible assets of the business – the employees. It is common knowledge that for any business to prosper there needs to be a skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce to oversee the implementation of its policies. To ensure that this happens, the HR departments have over the years formulated the HR satisfaction survey questionnaires, which seek to gauge the level of satisfaction in employees.  The data gathered during such surveys is used to improve areas where most concerns were raised by the employees. By doing this, the HR department is able to assess the training needs, motivate employees and subsequently achieve better results from them.


(Please base your answers on a 1(very poor) to 10 (Excellent) rating

Q1. How is your overall job satisfaction in this organization? _________

Q2. Your satisfaction with the workload given to you __________

Q3. Your perception regarding co-worker cooperation and their performance at work _____

Q4. Your satisfaction with the current remuneration ___________

Q5. Satisfaction with the benefits given by the organization __________

Q6. How career advancement or promotions are conducted in this organization ______

Q7. The supervisory aspects as enforced by your superiors at work__________

Q8. The nature of how people are promoted to supervisory positions _________

Q9. The level of team work and group work participation in this organization_________

Q10. The amount of guidance and instructions given to workers by supervisors’ _________

Q11. Communication in the workplace _________

Q12. The level of efficiency and productivity _________

Q13. The working conditions in this organization_________

Q14. The level of training and development _________