An HR process questionnaire is a document drafted in order to assess the process that the HR department follows while carrying out their job responsibilities.HR process is the method of the HR working closely with the business heads and the management team to take decisions in order to execute the policies and procedures of the company. The questionnaire helps to improve these decisions taken by the HR by identifying their weak as well as strong points.


Hr Process Questionnaire


Q.1. Do you agree that the HR department is able to identify and explore new opportunities for the company?

a) Strongly agree

b) Agree

c) Somewhat agree

d) Disagree

Q.2. Does the framework designed by HR department helps in control and co-ordination?

a) Yes

b) No

Q.3. What decisions are taken by the HR department to support established objectives?


Q4. Is HR department been successful in reducing adverse conditions and changes?

a)   To a certain extent

b)   To some extent

c)   No not at all

Q.5. How often is training and development provided to the employees?

a) Once in a month

b) Once in a year

c) Other: _________

Q.6. How is the compensation benefit of the employees decided?


Q.7. What are the factors taken into account while developing score card of the employees?

a)  Personal details

b) Career planning?

c) Employee relations

d) Performance analysis

Q.8. Does the HR department follow any of the following factors:

a) Defining requirements for organizational capability

b) Add to the strategies of the business

c) Find out the critical gaps

d) Set targets and priorities