HR Needs planning questionnaire focuses on finding concrete human resource solutions for any reputed organization. The companies which would look for achieving a competitive edge in a cut-throat business environment would be benefitted by this detailed questionnaire in assessing the human resource requirements by not compromising on quality aspects.

HR Needs Planning Questionnaire Sample

Name: ____________

Organization: ______________

Mobile no: ____________

Email: ___________

Contact address: _____________

Q1. Do you need fresher, mid-level, or senior position employees for your organization? Please mention.


Q2.  How many different posts are to be filled?

  1. More than 10
  2. Between 5 and 10
  3. Below 5

Q3. Do you want to keep training modules in the planning?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q4. If answer to question no. 4 is yes, then what would be the nature of training?

  1. Technical training
  2. Soft-skills training
  3. Both

Q5. Please explain in brief the profile/s of the post/s to be filled up.


Q6. To how much extent do you want cost management elements to be included in the HR needs plans?

  1. Little
  2. Moderate
  3. High

Q7. Is there a requirement of traveling in regards to the posts to be filled now/later?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. May be

Q8. If the answer to Q.7 is option ‘a’ or option ‘b’, what would be the frequency of travel?

  1. Once in a year
  2. Once in six months
  3. Once in three months
  4. Once  in a month
  5. Once in a week

Q.9 Please give us a rough estimate of the budget for HR needs plans.