Examining the overall work stature of an employee is the key role of a HR department. Through HR employee survey questionnaire they seek for answers regarding loyalty, job satisfaction etc of an employee. Furthermore, this also brings out the areas where cost cutting measures could be enforced and morale that is needed to be motivated. Thus this kind of inquisition layout has to be drafted in a general approach yet with enormous effectiveness.

Sample HR Employee Survey Questionnaire

Respondent’s name: _______________________

Job position: _______________________ Grade: ________________

Please provide the correct input so that we remain effective in achieving our goals successfully.

  • Are you satisfied with the HR policies of your company? If no, then brief the reason of your dissatisfaction?


  • Do you consider the benefits and salary level worth for the services you provide?
  1. Yes, I am highly satisfied with the CTC offered
  2. I don’t have any complain regarding it right now
  3. I am highly disappointed
  •  Certain rules are being followed for the promotion process. Do you consider those rules to be fair and relevant? If no, mention the areas of your dissatisfaction?


  • How often do you communicate with your HR team? Do you get satisfactory response to your queries?


  • Do you consider the HR team of your organization as productive and effective?
  1. Yes, definitely the entire team is efficiently managing HR policies
  2. I am not sure
  3. No not at all, HR team is inefficient in performing various tasks.


Employee Survey