HR Customer Service Questionnaire is designed to question the type and quality of services being provided by the HR team working for the customer service centres. This questionnaire is designed to find out as to how efficient the HR team is in handling and providing assistance to the employees working as a part of the customer service department. Below mentioned are a few sample questions that may be included in the HR customer service questionnaire.

HR Customer Service Questionnaire Sample



Company Name:

Mobile Number:

  • When did you join the organization?


  • Is this your first job or you have worked earlier?


  • Have you worked in the HR department earlier or in some other field?


  • How is the experience of working as a part of the HR team at a customer service center?


  • Have you been involved in setting up any of the HR policies at the customer service center?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • What is the recruitment policy of your company?


  • Is your organization into doing bulk hiring in association with some recruitment firm or do you hire individuals as and when the need arises?


  • What are your payment policies?


  • Do you have some special policy for the employees who work at odd hours?

a)      Yes

b)      No

  • If the answer to the above question is ‘Yes’ then please share some details about this policy.


  • Do you have any policy for the employees working over time? If yes, then please give some details about the same.


  • Do you conduct regular surveys to find out your employees’ opinion on the \ various HR services being offered by you?


  • As per the recent survey conducted what percentage of employees are satisfied with the HR services being provided by you? (Please select an appropriate answer)

a)      Less than 30%

b)      30% – 50%

c)      50% – 70%

d)     70% – 90%

e)      More than 90%