An HR assessment questionnaire is a document drafted to assess the efficiency as well as working procedures of the employees of the HR department of an organization. The questionnaire gives an idea whether the policies and procedures implemented by the HR department are justified or not and what can be done to improve them. This questionnaire is taken by the employees of the organization.

Sample Hr Assessment Questionnaire:

Employee name: ____________

Designation: _____________

Employee id: ____________

Department: ______________

Date of joining: ______________

Mobile number: _________________

Department extension number: _________________


Q1. Do you agree that the communication process of the HR department is effective when communicating information related to changes that impacts the employees?

a)   Strongly agree

b)   Agree

c)   Somewhat agree

d)   Disagree

Q2. Are you satisfied with the corporate culture as well as views of the organization implemented by the HR department?

a)   Very satisfied

b)   Satisfied

c)   Somewhat satisfied

d)   Dissatisfied

Q3. If there is any issue regarding the salary or bonus or incentives and you approach the HR department, are the employees of the HR department prompt in solving your issue?

a)   Yes, they are always very prompt in solving the issue

b)   They are prompt sometimes in solving the issue

c)   No, they are not prompt at all in solving the issue

d)   They are laidback while attending to the issue

Q4. Were the policies and procedures of the organization clearly explained by the HR department during induction?

a)   Yes

b)   Almost clearly

c)   No

Q5. What improvements would you like to suggest for the employees of the HR department?