Insurance questionnaires are used by institutions that require insurance information from an individual, specifically for a service provided. This can also be used by insurance companies for certain policies or plans especially at the time of renewal. These questionnaires need to be brief and direct in its approach. Insurance can be a very tricky subject and it must be assured that all aspects are covered when formulating them. The important thing to remember is to ensure that the questions are applicable to all types of insurance policies and claims. Also, the language of such questionnaires has to be easy to understand since these are attempted by a great number of respondents of varied social classes. There are important pointers that need to be kept in mind during the formulation:

  • Identify the Nature of Insurance: The questionnaire must be set according to the nature of the insurance whether it is health insurance, commodity insurance, property insurance etc. These questions must be, thus, directly related to its type.
  • Specificity: The insurance questionnaire should be specific and direct. Since this is essentially concerned with finances, it is important to ask questions that address the issue at hand directly.
  • Set parameters: All insurance questionnaires must have certain parameters or standards that need to be met. Based on such parameters, the insurance claim is accepted. Hence, these need to be identified clearly in the questionnaire.
  • Gathering Information: The questionnaire is an effective tool through which the information such as social security number, cause of applying for insurance, payments made for insurance policy etc. can be gained. These are necessary and should be incorporated based on the type of insurance questionnaire being formed.
  • Instructions: This should be placed at the beginning or end of the questionnaire where proper guidelines are provided for the individual to fill out the insurance questionnaire.