An investment questionnaire is used most commonly by organizations that are into promoting their investment options. Most investment research firms offer investment tools and options to their customers and the investment questionnaire is a great platform to receive feedback regarding the same. The feedback helps the organizations in several aspects including planning their investment options better, determining their brand visibility, measure customer satisfaction, and much more. The feedback also provides organizations with an insight that can help them to improve their existing investment tools and options.

An investment questionnaire consists of three different aspects and each aspect is integral to the investment questionnaire. The three aspects are:

  • Basic objectives and information: The basic objective involves understanding the customer’s current financial status. This is the first section of the questionnaire and contains personal information as well as questions related to the financial status of the customer or participant. Some of the likely questions include: Are you currently working? What is your annual salary? Is your financial status stable? Etc.
  • Specific Objectives: This is the second part of the investment questionnaire and it contains investment specific questions. The main aim of these questions is to find out what type of investments the customers/participants currently own and what type of investments they are interested in. Likely questions are: Do you currently have an investment portfolio? Do you own any of the following investments? Are you planning to make an investment in the near future? etc
  • Other Objectives: This is the third aspect of the investment questionnaire. This section should contain open ended, multiple choice, and close ended questions regarding participant’s experience or participant’s thoughts about investment plans that have been profitable for them. For example: for one participant, a Roth IRA might be the best investment while for another participant, a mutual fund is the perfect investment.