Interview questionnaires are set up by employers for various aspiring candidates applying for a particular job. This acts as a screening process through which the best candidate is selected and hired for the job. It is significant that the questions set are able to bring out the qualities and skills of the applicant and hence, make the process of selection easier. The interview questionnaire must be able to gather information about the candidate’s personality as well as his personal goals and abilities. These questionnaires can be lengthy and might also make provisions for essay type questions where the applicant is able to properly explain his desired ambitions for the job in question. Some essential facts must be noted during the creation of an interview questionnaire:

  • There must be adequate questions asked about the applicant’s ability to deal with adverse situations and problems. This is essential in every work front and the interviewee’s problem solving ability is regarded as an asset to the business firm.
  • The interview questionnaire must also contain questions related to the candidate’s capacity to handle responsibility as well as delegate them. He or she must be responsible and reliable and able to work according to the feedback received from superiors. Such characteristics can be identified and judged by the questions set.
  • An important part of the interview questionnaire is assessing the leadership quality of the applicant. This ensures not only individual progress within the company but also within the business sector as well.  There must also be questions related to his or her ability to follow orders as and when given.
  • The questionnaire must also contain questions that gauge the overall personality of the applicant. This essentially helps determine his or her capacity to accept mistakes made and the mental acumen needed to rectify any error made.