It is often seen that a major part of most questionnaires, especially those designed to conduct consumer surveys remain unanswered for most part. This is mainly because the questionnaires are not designed appropriately; they might be too lengthy, may have jargons or may not seem interesting to the person answering these. It is essential to frame an effective questionnaire in order to get the required information. Here are a few guidelines on writing an effective questionnaire.

  • Be Precise: It is very important to be precise while framing a questionnaire. Do not fill the questionnaire with too many irrelevant questions. You should ask only those questions that you require for your study or needed reason. For instance many questionnaires ask for a lot of personal details such as the date of birth, designation, company’s address, previous company’s address, etc. These details are mostly not required and one must thus avoid such questions. Similarly one should avoid such extraneous questions in the main questionnaire as well.
  • Easy Vocabulary: Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the questionnaire should include easy vocabulary. The use of difficult terminology should be strictly avoided as this may not be understood easily. Besides this, the questions must also be framed in a way that the readers are able to understand them by reading just once. These should be short and too the point.
  • Take Feedback: Most questionnaires have multiple choice questions which are a good way of finding a person’s precise choice. However, besides this the person should also be given a chance to voice his own opinion. Thus, apart from the multiple choice questions there should be at least one open question in which the person should be asked for his opinion/ feedback.