If you are thinking that how to write an education questionnaire is a complicated process then think again. Actually writing an education questionnaire is an easy process especially once you have identified the core area. When we say core area, it simply means what answers you are expecting from the questionnaire feedback process. Are you looking for answers to understand how broad the current education spectrum is or are you looking for answer to solve the underlying problems and issues faced by educational institutions? Once you have identified the core area, all you have to do is target the participant with specific questions.

Writing an Education Questionnaire

In order to write an education questionnaire, you will need to define the space between what you need and how a participant perceives the questions. There are several elements that need to be taken into account when creating an education questionnaire. All the elements are not as important as the following ones:

  • Education – Impact: The first and foremost element is the impact of education on students and faculty. Depending on who your target audience is and what type of information you require, you can create questions that measure the impact of external and internal factors on education. Here is a sample question: Do you feel the marginal increase in college fees will affect your educational goals? Do you feel introduction of online classrooms will be more effective?
  • Education – Issues: The second important element concerns the various issues that are prevalent in the education industry and in various educational institutions. For example: some colleges offer full scholarship while others offer half scholarships or no scholarships at all. There are several issues that face the youth of today and by creating the right type of question, you can receive feedback that can actually help in ironing out some of the core issues. A sample question would be: Do you feel that schools and colleges can help students get better grades?