As the name suggests a web questionnaire is one that is served on the web or the internet and response is obtained on the web itself. Web questionnaires are usually a bit shorter than the regular questionnaire due to space constraints. There are many categories of web questionnaires such as web development, web usage, web feedback, web user satisfaction etc that can be obtained from the web users. As most of the people use internet these days this type of questionnaire is becoming popular by the day. Also the ease of responding makes it a very successful way to get feedback from anyone on any specified topic. But it is also a difficult task to get a feedback on a web questionnaire as many people do not complete it and send back. So the key lies in framing the web questionnaire in such a way that it keeps the interest of the user and compels them to complete it without fail.

There are certain essential things that will have to be remembered while framing a web questionnaire as given here:

  • The questions in a web questionnaire can be both objective and subjective depending on the theme of the questionnaire.
  • The objective type of web questionnaire should various options for the user to decide on a specific option.
  • The questions should form a logical sequence so that the user filling out the questionnaire does not feel lost out of the theme of the questionnaire.
  • The confidentiality of the personal and email information provided by the user should be clearly communicated right in the beginning of the questionnaire to the user.
  • The questionnaire should sound interesting to the user and should make him/her complete it with interest.

As the web questionnaire are served on the internet, the company conducting it should make sure that it is sent from the official id of the company to give a professional impression to the user about the company.