A vendor questionnaire is a business response obtained from the specific vendor group of a company. A vendor questionnaire aims to obtain feedback in terms of relationship, satisfaction and other work related questions. As the vendor questionnaire is one that is served to a specific group it should be well structured to leave a good impression on the vendors. It is also necessary that the vendor questionnaire is kept confidential and the same should be communicated to the vendor when taking the questionnaire.

A simple vendor questionnaire should focus on the following points for a better response :

  • To begin with a vendor questionnaire must obtain all the details of the vendor such as relationship number if any, relationship type, address of the vendor etc from the vendor.
  • As a vendor questionnaire is a formal business document it should also be framed in a formal manner and reflect utmost professionalism when seeking information.
  • It is best to make use of the objective type of questionnaire format to seek information from the vendor as it will serve well to meet any time constraints while answering the questionnaire.
  • The subjective questions must be placed only at the end of the questionnaire so that the vendor can offer any additional comments about the issue in the questionnaire.
  • The questions must definitely be related to the kind of relationship sustained with the vendor else it will make the entire process a mere waste of time for both the company and the vendor as well.

One must also remember that the vendor questionnaire must be prepared only by officials of the company that have sufficient knowledge about the vendor terms and the relationship that exists. It is always best to obtain the vendor questionnaire as a physical form and not in the electronic mode as it can be filed for future reference and use by the company.