A user questionnaire can be used to gather a variety of information such as feedback on products or services, clarification on satisfaction levels etc. Basically the user questionnaire is applicable to any user who is either using a product or a service of a company. The user questionnaire is an ideal way to obtain response from the user on a specified topic. As a result of the ease of use of this type of questionnaire there are many businesses adopting this to get feedback from their customers and employees as well.

The user questionnaire is one that gives an effective reasoning for obtaining feedback from the customers and should be framed by bearing certain points as mentioned here:

  • It is important that a user questionnaire is always accompanied with a brief introduction so that the user gets to know the purpose of the questionnaire.
  • The user questionnaire should be framed in a logical order so that the user is sure that the company is serious about the feedback being received and will act according to it.
  • The questions framed in the questionnaire should not push the user to a specific options and should give many choices or the option not to answer a particular question if need be.
  • The questionnaire should target the specific user group and then frame the questions accordingly.
  • The questionnaire should focus on obtaining personal information of the user without any compulsion on answering the same.
  • Lastly the user questionnaire must ascertain the feedback from the user with regard to any of the changes that he/she desires with regard to the products or services offered by the company.

A user questionnaire is thus a dynamic tool that can be used by any company in order to get an unbiased feedback about either the products or services being offered by it.