A lot of people love to travel. Some people travel due to official reasons while some others for fun and leisure. Whatever may be the reason for travel, it is an inevitable thing for so many people. Travel industry is having an exponential growth and many travel companies are pitching themselves up to match this growth. As a result of the competition and the numerous options available in travel packages, travel companies are designing travel packages in accordance with the needs of the customers. This process is being done by serving travel questionnaire to the customer to obtain their opinion and requirements of travel.

As travel is part of the hospitality industry care should be taken to formulate the travel questionnaire that is sensitive to the feelings of the customers. Given here are some of the essential tips that can help in formulating a good travel questionnaire :

  1. A travel questionnaire should be specific to the group from whom opinion is required such as business travel, family travel, education trip etc.
  2. The questionnaire should be simple and non committal on the part of the customers as many do not prefer to give any kind of commitments with regard to their future travel plans.
  3. The questions framed in a travel questionnaire should have multiple choice options only as elaborate answering is felt as a waste of time by many people.
  4. The option to provide more information must be left to the discretion of the customer by providing sufficient space for any additional comments.
  5. It is best to avoid asking questions related to the health of the customers as it is a sensitive issue not required to be dealt in a travel questionnaire.

Thus a travel questionnaire can help in identifying the travel needs of the customers as well as suggestions for further improvement of the services.