A training questionnaire is used by the organization who has conducted a training program. The questionnaire aims to get the feedback of the participants in the training program. This type of questionnaire is very simple and easy to answer. The questionnaire must get a clear response from the participant and seek any suggestions for the improvement of the training program.

There are many kinds of training questionnaires such as employee training questionnaire, online training questionnaire, pets training questionnaire and many more subject specific training questionnaires.

These questionnaires should be aimed at obtaining the training program feedback and hence should be in objective question format. Some of the necessary aspects of a training questionnaire are given below :

  • The training questionnaire should have a short and suitable heading for better understanding of the participants.
  • The training questionnaire can be obtained either in between or at the end of the training program.
  • The questionnaire must obtain details of the training program that the participant is attending or has attended and the duration of the training program compulsorily.
  • ¬†The questionnaire should also get personal details of the participant including his employment details such as designation and department.
  • The questionnaire must concentrate on obtaining the best and worst things as experienced by the participants if any as this will help to correct the training program accordingly.
  • Lastly the training questionnaire must seek to obtain information about the trainer in an informal manner.

Thus a training questionnaire is very vital for understanding the success of any training program and its future functioning. The participants should be advised to keep the contents of the questionnaire confidential and not to discuss any information present in it with other participants. The training survey is best when collected physically instead of obtaining an email version.