A tax questionnaire is aimed at getting response from the tax payers. This questionnaire not only helps to assess the number of tax payers but also the correct amount of tax that needs to be levied. The tax questionnaire can be made use for collecting information from tax payers of income tax, sales tax, property tax, business tax etc. The tax questionnaire should be one that is framed with proper and precise questions due to its complicated nature.

The questionnaire should provide sufficient choices for the easement of answering the questions by the tax payers. The questionnaire should be framed by one who has sufficient knowledge on the said subject to be able to frame correct and appropriate questions.

The questionnaire is an important document and some essential points should be ensured while framing the questions as given below :

  • The questionnaire should begin with collecting personal information of the tax payer who is taking the questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire should seek information regarding the tax registration with the government for future reference and use.
  • The questionnaire should give direct objective options for the tax payers so as to obtain direct answers to the questions.
  • The questionnaire should have at least one question that seeks income and tax amount details of the tax payers as this will help in arriving at the average tax paid.
  • The questionnaire should not be too lengthy and should concentrate on short questions.

A tax questionnaire can be sent by post or by email as well. As the tax questionnaire is an important financial document the sender has to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. The tax questionnaire can be accompanies with a cover letter to request the tax payers for collecting the tax payment information and assuring of maintaining confidentiality of the contents.