A survey questionnaire is very general in nature and aims to identify the needs of the participants to whom the questionnaire is served. There are many kinds of survey questionnaires such as customer survey questionnaire, employee survey questionnaire, patient survey questionnaire, environment survey questionnaire and many more.

The questions in a survey questionnaire are mostly open ended where the participant has the freedom to answer according to the circumstances. The survey questionnaire should be very specific and the outcome of the questionnaire should be identified well in advance of framing the questions. This will help to know the key result of the survey questionnaire.

There are certain important points that will help in obtaining a good result from conducting a survey questionnaire as given below :

  • The questions framed in the survey questionnaire should not be confusing and vague to the participants.
  • The questions should be short in length as the questions should be framed keeping in mind the busy schedule and time constraints of participants.
  • The questions should not be specific to religion, sex, age etc and should be general in nature.
  • The questions should be framed in a chronological order so that it makes it simple for the participants to recollect necessary information while answering the survey questionnaire.
  • The options given for each question in the survey questionnaire should be meaningful and not similar to each other.

The response expected from the participants of a survey questionnaire should be specified well in advance so that the needed information is gathered once the questionnaire is filled.

Also the survey questionnaire should encourage the participants not to give any negative or adverse response when filling out the survey questionnaire as this will impact the end result of the questionnaire. Lastly it should also be remembered that no derogatory questions are asked in the survey questionnaire to the participants such as religion preference etc.



Survey Questionnaire