A stress questionnaire helps in identification of the levels of stress in individuals. The stress questionnaire can be conducted to many kinds of groups such as urban population, children, adults, physical stress, mental stress, work stress, personal stress etc. A stress questionnaire should be framed in such a way that it aims to recognize the factors that have caused stress and the steps that can be taken to bring them down. Thus stress questionnaires form a very vital role in many walks of life and for betterment of the society on the whole.

Some of the vital things that need to be borne in mind while formulating a stress questionnaire are listed as under :

  • The stress questionnaire should be specific to age group and not a general one as the correct results cannot be collected in this manner.
  • Secondly a stress questionnaire should be a detailed one in order to arrive at many factors that are responsible for the stress and if it is too short it will not be useful.
  • The stress questionnaire must always give options as multiple choices and should not be framed to collect long answers as it will make the participants of the questionnaire are very sensitive to answering difficult questions.
  • The stress questionnaire can make use of statistical measures to rate the levels of stress and give such options to the participants to answer the questionnaire.
  • Finally the stress questionnaire should end with getting suggestions and tips from the participants to bring down the stress. This is very important as this will help reach a consensus on the levels and factors contributing to the stress.

A stress questionnaire should also seek to collect personal details of the participants such as their name, age, occupation, contact details etc for future use.