Research questionnaires are the questionnaires which tend to gather useful and important information pertaining to the topic being researched through the questionnaire. These questionnaires are generally conducted to collect the response and feedback of the customers regarding a specific product or service.

Tips for writing a research questionnaire:

  • A research questionnaire must always begin with a brief well framed introduction regarding the questionnaire and the questions included in it.
  • A research questionnaire must focus on generating the right set of information from participant by asking relevant questions which are directly related with the questionnaire’s topic.
  • A research questionnaire should ask direct and simple questions and questions based on in-built assumptions should be strictly avoided.
  • The words and language used for developing questions should be simple, easy to understand and familiar. The use of subject specific words or jargons should be avoided.
  • The use of double barreled questions should be avoided. If the question is quite important than that double barreled question can be split into two simple questions rather than confusing the participant with one complex double barreled question.
  • You should be specific while framing the questions or response options in a research questionnaire.
  • Always avoid the use of abbreviations in any part of the questionnaire and if abbreviation is important than it should be written along with its description in brackets.
  • The questions should be written in direct and active voice so that participant can readily understand the viewpoint with which the question has been developed.
  • The questions in research questionnaires should be formulated and presented on the basis of priority and importance of the question.
  • The questionnaire must contain a block with Your Comments as heading to get the subject related and questionnaire filling experience related information from the participant. This kind of information is very useful from research point of view.


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