A survey or a questionnaire is a set of structured and well framed questions intended to collect useful information on a specific topic. These questionnaires and the information collected by these are quite useful. But these questionnaires can collect the required information only if they comprise of right set of questions.  It is vital to frame the right and relevant questions; because the correctness and appropriateness of a question ensures that we get the required and intended information through the questionnaire.

Tips for writing the questionnaire questions:

  • Over usage of open ended questions should be avoided.
  • Most of the questions in the questionnaire should be closes ended with apt answer choices to gather relevant information.
  • The questionnaire must start with a binary question with Yes and No as answer choices to determine that the questionnaire is taken by the right participant.
  • The questions in a questionnaire should be easy to understand. Hence the language of the questions should be very simple, so that the participant does not have to reread the question before answering.
  • The questions in a questionnaire should not include phases with unclear meaning, like the use of words many, most, several etc. should be avoided.
  • While designing multiple choice questions, give a limited number of answer options. Also the answer options in these questions should not overlap each other, as it will make them confusing.
  • Double-barreled questions should be strictly avoided in a questionnaire as it may confuse the participant and we may not get the desired information.
  • Always keep the questionnaire short by asking limited number of questions and always design the questions by considering the target audience for the questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire questions should be accompanied with simple instructions so that the participant can readily answer the question.
  • Always proof read your survey questionnaire questions to make sure that all the questions are appropriate, clear, easy to answer and are related with the topic of the questionnaire.