Questionnaires can be defined as important tools which are very useful in collecting certain information. These questionnaires are important and useful because the information is outcome of the collective viewpoint and opinion of a number of people participating in the questionnaire survey. A questionnaire design is a set of guidelines, instructions, question statements and important points which help in developing an effective questionnaire.

Tips for writing a questionnaire design:

  • A questionnaire design must have guidelines, sample questions, question topics and important instructions in reference to the purpose of the questionnaire.
  • A questionnaire design can also include rough draft for the questions to be developed for the questionnaire. It can also contain question topics on which questions are required to be framed.
  • An effective questionnaire design must be professional and should look pleasing to the eye, because the quality and quantity of information that you can receive from a questionnaire depends on the effectiveness of the design.
  • A questionnaire design can have majority of questions or question statements which are subjective in nature, and these subjective question statements can be used to form effective multiple choice questions for the questionnaire.
  • A questionnaire design can be regarded as a layout for a questionnaire, so it must consider all the aspects related with the purpose of the questionnaire, out of which most important aspects can be converted in the questions.
  • A questionnaire design should be prepared by strictly following the requirement and the purpose of the questionnaire and any point which is irrelevant in reference to the topic of the questionnaire should not be included in the design.
  • A questionnaire design should focus on jotting down the important points related with the subject of the questionnaire.
  • The questions in the questionnaire design should follow a chronological order by writing the basic questions first and move further with the questions with increasing level of complexity.