Product questionnaires have become very significant these days for promoting the products and for gathering feedback regarding a product. These questionnaires help companies during each phase of product manufacturing and selling, like product planning questionnaires make companies aware of consumer’s requirement from a certain product, promotion questionnaires help in the marketing phase and then satisfaction questionnaires help in getting feedback to improvise the product.

Tips for writing a product questionnaire:

  • The questions in a product questionnaire should be simple, brief and easy to answer.
  • These questionnaires should always be presented to the right segment of consumers to get accurate and relevant information.
  • The questionnaire must start with an introduction of the product and the purpose of the questionnaire should also be clearly mentioned.
  • The questions belonging to similar categories must be placed together to bind the attention of the participant. This type of chronological scheme contributes to the accuracy of response by the participant.
  • The product questionnaires should be framed in such a way that along with asking the opinion of customers they also present and highlight some unique features of the product. But such questions should be framed intelligently, so that they solve both the purposes.
  • While designing the questionnaire you must be very clear about the goal of the questionnaire and questions must be framed to gather exactly the required information.
  • The strategy for designing such questionnaires is that the questionnaire should not be too long and important questions should be placed first. As the participant may get hurried up while asking the last segment of questions and we may not get accurate information through the answers of those questions.
  • In the product questionnaires, the multiple choice questions should be framed with relevant answer options and the use of Other as the answer option must be avoided. As participants will more likely choose it as answer for most of the questions and we may not get the required information.