As the name suggests, a planning questionnaire deals with the collection of information required for planning for a particular product, service, occasion or situation. These questionnaires are quite helpful in gathering the required information for a plan. The data collected through these questionnaires help in formulating the report with responses and viewpoints of a group of people. The participants should be chosen carefully for this kind of questionnaires depending on the type of information to be collected.

Tips for writing a planning questionnaire:

  • The questions in a planning questionnaire must focus on gathering the necessary information which can be used to write and complete a plan.
  • The initial set of questions in such questionnaires should focus on very basic information and asking some basic subject matter related questions.
  • Every question in such questionnaires must be closely associated or should be directly related to the objective of the questionnaire.
  • The questions should be designed in such a way that the participant is able to answer all the questions without facing any sort of difficulty. The language and tone of the question should be simple and clear.
  • The questionnaire should always begin with an enticing introduction which clearly brings forward the objective and purpose of the questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire should be brief, simple and effective.
  • The questionnaire should be professional and should not be too informal. While designing the questionnaire you must ensure that each and every question in the questionnaire is appropriate to the topic and objective of the questionnaire.
  • The questions in a planning questionnaire should be very simple so that participant can respond to the questions easily and quickly, as it will help in getting more accurate response.
  • The use of open ended questions should be restricted and these questions should be used only in the situation when their response will add some value to the information collected to through the questionnaire.