Personality questionnaires play a significant role in revealing the character and frame of mind of a person. These questionnaires are quite useful for the individual to assess his personality and mindset. The questions in this questionnaire are very simple and deal with day to day situations but their results reveal many detailed aspects of one’s personality.  The information collected from these questionnaires can be utilized in various ways and also for the betterment of the person being assessed.

Tips to write a personality questionnaire:

  • The main aim of the questions should be to evaluate the personality traits of the participant; hence the questions should be developed for this specific purpose.
  • The questions should be very simple and should deal with normal situations one comes across in day to day life.
  • The questions should be designed in such a way that they ask for the reaction of the participant in various situations, as his reaction will reveal his personality type.
  • A majority of questions in such questionnaires should be subjective as the aim of the questionnaire is to collect the reaction of the person in a particular situation.
  • The situations which are presented in the questions must be realistic and common, so that every individual must have faced it in their daily life. The options presented in close ended questions in such questionnaires should also be very realistic.
  • The questions in his questionnaire should be composed with a simple and easy language.
  • The questions should be composed by psychology experts to ensure that questions and their responses are capable of determining the real personality and characteristics of a person.
  • The initial set of questions must be such that they capture the interest level of the participant, as this will ensure that the participant will complete rest of the questionnaire with enthusiasm.