A medical questionnaire is a significant tool to collect medical data from patients and other people. Medical questionnaires are quite important as the data collected from these questionnaires can be used for various important purposes. These questionnaires are very general and people are required to fill them while getting admission to schools, colleges, sports activities, gymnasium, job etc.

Tips for writing a medical questionnaire:

  • A medical questionnaire should always start with the questions focusing on gathering basic information about the person like his /her physical characteristics.
  • These questionnaires must provide apt space for the participant to explain his /her medical conditions in detailed manner, because even minutest details play a significant role from medical perspective.
  • The initial set of questions in such questionnaires must focus on collecting basic medical information pertaining to recent checkups and their results.
  • The questions in the questionnaire aimed at gathering detailed medical history of patient should be framed with multiple choices as answer options so that any medical condition of patient or participant is not missed.
  • A medical questionnaire should also include relevant questions asking the participant about his physical activity details.
  • There should be apt number of subjective questions asking patient about medical histories and specific medical incidents.
  • A medical questionnaire’s questions should be designed with utter care so that they do not make a patient uncomfortable while answering the questions. This is very important to gather correct and accurate information from the patient.
  • A medical questionnaire should be designed by medical specialists and they should ensure that questionnaire contains all the relevant questions pertaining to all the medical aspects as required by the questionnaire type.
  • The questions related with patients or participant’s medical history should be framed in clear and simple language, along with relevant answer options.
  • A medical questionnaire must include an assurance statement in the last section of questionnaire stating that the information provided by the participant is true to his knowledge and he has not concealed any medical facts.