A marketing questionnaire can be defined as a set of specific product or service related close and open ended questions.  Marketing questionnaires are used for various purposes like for promoting certain products and services, for gathering feedback of products/ services, or for checking the popularity of a certain product or service etc.  These questionnaires also help the organizations to gather relevant information needed for the improvement of products to enhance the customer satisfaction.

Tips about writing a marketing questionnaire

  • A marketing questionnaire should always start with an introduction about the product being referenced in the questions and the purpose of the questionnaire.
  • A marketing questionnaire must be designed in such a way that its questions serve the dual purpose of asking the question and highlighting some unique features of the product.
  • The initial questions in a marketing questionnaire must be based on gathering information about general consumer behavior.
  • The next set of questions should be based on market trends and most popular brands of the product being referenced in the questionnaire.
  • The questions in a marketing questionnaire must be framed in simple language and should be grammatically & syntactically correct.
  • The final set of questions should be focused on asking the direct questions to the customer regarding the limitations or problems about the product / service being researched through the questionnaire.
  • The questions asking the participant about the limitations or problems of the product or service should be open ended questions so that consumer can put forward their viewpoints.
  • These questionnaires must also compare the product being researched with the similar products manufactured by other companies to get information about the popular features of other similar products.
  • The marketing questionnaires must comprise of questions that are closely associated with the topic and purpose of questionnaire, and should include questions that are relevant to the subject.