In this world of consumerism and marketing, the opinion of the customers holds a supreme power in determining the prospects of a product in the market. Market questionnaires are in this regard, a productive tool in incurring positive feedbacks from potential customers. These also help organizations to keep a tab on the market pulse and improvise their products towards providing hundred percent customer satisfactions.  The primary objective behind framing an effective market questionnaire is to extract constructive suggestions that would enable one to infer all the required information about the target market. Following are a few points that have to be considered while developing a market questionnaire:

  • Questions: the questions should be set in a way that they coax the customers into expressing their likes and dislikes about the concerned product or services. They should satisfy the main purpose of the survey and effective in extracting information about the buying habits of the masses.
  • Format: the format of the questionnaire must be simple and easy to use. Multiple choice or simple “yes/no” questions work best in fetching proper responses from the public.
  • Tone: the tone of the questionnaire must be frank so that it is able to take the respondents into confidence. This would guarantee honest and unbiased responses that would benefit the growth of the organization. Injecting a fun element in the questionnaire may also ensure better completion rates.
  • Readability: the questionnaire must be readable so that any layman can comprehend and participate in it without being verbose. Usage of double spaces, larger fonts and neat indentations may help in this aspect.
  • Target Respondents: for any market questionnaire to be productive, it is essential to identify the demographic type initially so that it might attract such surveys and aid in providing useful insights about the product or services. This would help in understanding the kind of questions that would best entice the customers to respond as well.