“Management” itself is a broader term that involves handling and directing every part of a particular business or organization, sometimes by deployment or through manipulation of resources (financial, human, intellectual, material and even intangible). Thus, an inquisition laid for determining any of the associate parameters of this field has to be drafted effectively so as to determine the management functionality and its due course of action according to various situations extensively. This kind of questionnaires helps the authority in order to identify the loopholes in the management structure and to eliminate them so as to get better performance. The purpose of such a document might vary, but some of the essential points which remain unaltered for writing such questionnaires are as enlisted.

  • The purpose of such questionnaire has to be stated initially, so that the respondent could essentially determine its importance. Moreover, it also helps the authority to draft a well-researched management inquisition document.
  • Irrespective of the kind or point of focus, a management questionnaire should always underscore on points like organizing, planning, controlling, leading and coordinating. These are few management aspects which remain intact and needed to be gauged whatever the intended purpose may be.
  • Emphasize on crucial aspects so that it could potentially bring out the shortcomings of the existing management structure.
  • The questions drafted for a management questionnaire can be either subjective or objective or both. However, subjective questions should not be stretched much so that it imparts a tedious look. Objective questions can be short but with multiple options that are relevant to the same.
  • The questions have to be drafted seeking opinions from the respondents and it should be placed according to the hierarchy of importance.
  • The entire document should be drafted comprehensively so as to obtain conclusion that is suggestible and implementable.