Leadership questionnaire are inquisitions used for accessing the leadership qualities in an individual. These types of questionnaires are generally implemented by the employers, trainers, or other experts to gauge the various trends of an individual’s leadership style. This is an effective tool which can enhance and improve not only the skills of an individual but also help him to recognize the areas of shortcomings. However, the outcome of a leadership questionnaire could be effective, if such an inquisition can be drafted abiding by the following points.

  • As this kind of questionnaires are built usually to identify what kind of behavior one exhibit being a leader, thus such a document has to be drafted with a series of multiple choice questions on various aspects like attitudes, situations and presence of mind. The responses acquire can help the authority to judge the overall behavioral trend of an individual that might be associated with leadership approach.
  • The questionnaire must encourage the respondent to participate and put forward the exact response. In order to do so, it is essential to specify the purpose of the particular leadership questionnaire at foremost stage of the document.
  • It should act like a self-reflection of one’s own behavior hence prior drafting such a questionnaire one must decide either to construct it in specific terms or in general approach.
  • Sometimes, results obtained through this questionnaire can be crucial hence, confidentiality of the responses is highly required or even if the responses are needed for personal development, it should have the option of answering it anonymously. Anonymity reduces the fears of an individual of getting retaliate on exposure of such responses and in turn helps the authority to obtain best results.
  • All the questions have to be constructed according to its priority and in sequential manner.



Leadership Surveys