The primary objective of creating a job questionnaire is to find out work information and job preference or current job status of the participant or a candidate. This type of questionnaire is created by organizations, hr teams or agencies, and recruitment agencies. A job questionnaire provides valuable insight into the job market, the preference for specific type of jobs or jobs that are in demand. It also provides feedback, which can be used by research organizations to determine and compile job market statistical information.

The best way to write a job questionnaire is to start off by focusing on key elements. There are three key elements of a job questionnaire and they are:

  • Personal and current job information: This is the first element of a job questionnaire. In this section, you can create questions that require the participant to divulge information related to their current job, organization, current responsibilities, designation, department, educational qualifications etc. Questions can be like: Are you currently employed? What role are you playing in the organization?
  • Specific work information: This is the second element of a job questionnaire and should contain information that will provide an organization with an insight into various work responsibilities. This section should include multiple choice questions where the participant has the option of checking one or more options. An ideal question would be, which of the following responsibilities are you handling currently? Questions like are you handling marketing function or are you handling marketing as a part of corporate communication portfolio?
  • Work Environment: This is the third element of a job questionnaire. This section should contain questions that are related to the current work environment and what changes the participant would like to propose to the organization for efficient performance. Appropriate questions would include: Are you satisfied with the current work environment or are you able to perform better in your current work environment?